This is a gift for you!

In celebrating the launch of the book Reflections in 2020,

I wrote this workbook as a bonus!

It contains a summary of the most important topics in the book Reflections that will help you and your loved one through difficult times and come to acceptance and peace.

Reflections on Mindset

Reflections – A story of Hope, Healing, Facing Fears and Finding Purpose. It will move and inspire you and make you think of what matters most in life as you follow Brian’s last months and the people around him.

You find the book on all major platforms. Buy it here

Step-by-step Support Work Book

This complimentary support book is helpful to both cancer patients and caregivers for starting up difficult conversations and dealing with death and dying.

Here is your copy!

Fia Hobbs

Internationally Acclaimed Speaker and Forerunner for Cancer Survivors' Enhanced Quality of Life.

Fia Hobbs, an expert on stress management, works with cancer survivors and caregivers. Through her proprietary Stress to Strength program her clients have a better quality of life which helps them regain ownership and control of their life.

She is also the founder of two Swedish non-profit organizations.

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Your Suport Program

This 9 week online program for cancer survivors will help you to deal with:

  • emotional overwhelming
  • fear of recurrence
  • negativ thought spirals
  • lack of energy
  • dealing with fatigue and much more

You will get both the Cancer Wellness course and Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery Program wrapped up in one web course.  As a bonus you will get 9 weeks of group coaching. For Next program in Swedish  or English check out the websites. 

Bonus: Free meditation online 

You are welcome to join my private facebook group called Stress to Strength with Fia Hobbs where you find 24 guided meditations on different subjects.


Free guided meditation 

Come and join me online!

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  • Arcadia FriskVård

    “ A truly inspirational book on life and death and having a purpose in life that will stay with you for a long time.”

    Original Shark on "Shark Tank", Inventor of the Infomercial, Best Selling Author

  • Arcadia FriskVård

    “Never before have I encountered a book where there was such an intimate and heartfelt exchange between two voices as this one.”

    Chairman of the patient and advisory board RCC, Stockholm

  • Arcadia FriskVård

    “My wish is for everyone to take part in this story that sheds light on the inescapably painful part of the totality of life. ”

    Swedish singer-songwriter, therapist

  • Arcadia FriskVård

    “This book Reflections touched my heart on every page when I read it. I hope this book reaches out to the many people who are in a similar situation. It can make our lives easier, more conscious, more peaceful and more loving.”

    Head of Arcadia Clinic, Germany

  • Arcadia FriskVård

    “With heartfelt honesty, this book takes us on the roller coaster ride of having a cancer diagnosis in a most sensitive manner.”

    Executive director, Simonton Cancer Center, California

  • Arcadia FriskVård

    “The workbook is very helpful. It is clear, filled with courage and it takes the drama out of death and dying and leads you into acceptance. It is a goldmine”