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Swedens' most trusted personalized holistic Wellness Cancer Support Program, proven to help cancer survivors overcome the mental, emotional, and existential impact of cancer.

How to Deal with Mental & Emotional Stress due to Cancer

Supporting cancer survivors after treatments for a better quality of life with counseling and Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery Program.


Cancer Wellness 

Mindful Living

Cancer Support Online 

9 Week Webcourse 


Fia Hobbs

International Speaker, Author, Therapist and Forerunner for Cancer Survivors' Enhanced Quality of Life. Founder of two non-profit organizations.


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Cancer Wellness Support Program

Cancer Coping Skills 

Learn a daily practice that will take you from emotional and mental stress and lead you to strength, inner peace, acceptance and healing.

Cancer Wellness & Mindfulness

With 1 out 3 people on the planet affected by cancer, my proprietary system is designed for cancer survivors' who are struggling with the mental aspects of the disease or fear of recurrence.

Cancer induces fear and leaves permanent emotional and psychological scars when left untreated. 1 in 5 lives with PTSD long after the cancer is gone.

Through my Cancer Support Program our clients have a better quality of life which helps them regain ownership and control of their life.

Step-by-step Online Webcourse

  • How to regain control of your life 
  • How to face fears and live your purpose
  • How to manage mental and emotional stress
  • How to cope with grief and loss
  • How to thrive and get your energy back
  • How to find a better balance in life

Fia Hobbs, Your Therapist and Coach

I will be there to support you during the 9 week group coaching that takes place a few times a year.

The group coaching runs frequently. Send me an e-mail to find out how I can be of help and set up a free call.

Invest in Yourself

The webcourse can be done as a selfstudy course and you can start it anytime.

Your Big Bonus is the free group coaching that you can join anytime during the year and repeat as much as you want.

The investment in yourself is about 30 minutes a day for mindfulness and relaxation. You will be sent a new module each week with material, audio files, video and text. You get all of this for a total of $ 1997

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Stress to Strength

Fia Hobbs has been working with stress management for the past 30 years and with cancer survivors and caregivers for 15 years.

Her latest book Reflections deals with terminal cancer and was written together with her husband who passed away of cancer.

As a bonus you can download the support workbook through following link:

Reflections - Support Workbook

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The Community

Not only do you get access to our proven course content – you also become part of a community who are on the same journey towards health!

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About Fia Hobbs

Internationally Acclaimed Speaker and Forerunner for Cancer Survivors Enhanced Quality of Life

I have a lot of personal experience with cancer having lost dear friends, colleagues and family members. My husband died of his cancer in 2018 and together we wrote the book Reflections, a Story of Hope, Healing, Facing Fears and Finding Purpose that was released in 2020.

We went deep into lessons of acceptance, facing fears but also on the many aspects of healing and finding our life purpose.

With 30 years in the field of stress management I have helped people with all kinds of stress in relation to having cancer or being a caregiver. In addition I also adress work related and relationship stress.

I am the CEO of Arcadia FriskVård AB and founder of two non-profit organizations having to do with cancer survivors and caregivers. 

After 10 years abroad living in many different countries, I moved back to my native Sweden with my family. I work as a speaker, a counseling therapist, a qigong teacher. I love giving workshops on everything that has to do with our mindset in one way or another.

My Stress to Strength Program is the result of my work in Eastern and Western medicine as well as Neuro Linguistic Programming, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Mindfullness and more.

I have a Master's degree in Medical Qigong and did my clinic work in a hospital in  Beijing and in a clinic in Tokyo. I am also trained by Dr Carl Simonton at the Simonton Cancer Center in California.

When it comes to Mindfulness I am trained in MBSR, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, and for cancer patients I use the Mindfulness Based Cancer Recovery Program.

Reflections is my second book. The first book came out 2010 and is about mental training viewed from an Eastern and Western point of view. It will be translated into English during 2022.

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  • Arcadia FriskVård

    “My world turned upside down but with the tools I got I was able to make sense of my life again and could handle the ups and downs”

    woman, 71

  • Arcadia FriskVård

    “I felt as I had been thrown into a tumble dryer when I got my diagnosis. I feel so lucky I had Fia to help me along the way”

    woman, 68

  • Arcadia FriskVård

    “All the extra support in form of audio files with relaxation and meditation saved me from many sleepless nigths”

    woman, 45

  • Arcadia FriskVård

    “When I was finished with my cancer treatments, I had no more energy left. It has been priceless to get the support on line and not having to go anywhere.”

    womn, 38