Course Summary

Cancer Support Program


Fia Hobbs


I am happy to see you here! Click on the information and I will tell you a bit more what will happen during these nine weeks. After that you are ready for Step 1.



Week 1

I hope you are eager to start and inthis first week you get an introduction to the whole process with an overview of the course.

We will look at stress in connection to illness, you will find a self assesment scale and also a surprise bonus from me. We are starting out gently with your first exercise and I will talk about the importance of journaling.

See you in the lesson below.


Step 1
Introduction Mindfulness

Week 2

This week we take closer look at Mindfulness and start our Mindfulness practice.

Step 2

Week 3

This might be the toughest week in the whole course as we are going to look into negative thought pattterns. But we are also going to transform them into healthier thoughts and this is something you will continue working on.

Step 3

Week 4

We are going to look at stress and anxiety this week and explore patience. 

Fight, Flight, Freeze, Faint
Step 4

Week 5

We will look into anti infammatory diets this week and also trust.

Step 5

Week 6

This week I will get to share my favorite practise that I started back in 1988. You will learn a few qigong moves and we will also look into non striving.

Cleansing Mind and Body
Step 6

Week 7

How we can strengthen the immune system with visualization. Our mindfulness exercise is beginner's mind.

Step 7

Week 8

We will look into different healing arts and also learning to let go.

Step 8

Week 9

We have reached our last week and will look at generosity and gratitude. It is also time to to the assessment scale again to see what has happened in your life since you started 9 weeks ago.

Step 9